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As a basic keyboar-like software.
KEYMACRO is free. But some features are limited.
You can turn on/off each mode with hotkey.
KeyMacro supports 5 modes(Press/Release/Play/Stop/Undo/Redo/Random) and 3 states(Sticked/Struck/Unsticked)
It is very easy to setup, just double click setup and select all four KeyMacro buttons. If you use another type of keyboard(not QWERTY), select the buttons you want to show in setup.

* To upload the keymapping.txt file to keymacro.com(How to upload keymapping.txt file), please contact with keymacro.com.
* For offline mode, keymacro.exe will be released on next year. Please wait for the new version.
* Please feel free to request a feature. I always listen to your request.

Installation of KeyMacro:

Unzip the File.
Double-click the Setup.exe to install the program.


Do not sell the keymacro. You can use it for free.
If you use the free version, you can’t change the upload name of the keymapping.txt file. If you want to change the upload name, please purchase the program.

Use the program for free:

1. Double-click the setup.exe.
2. Select 3 modes, and 3 states.
3. Double-click the Setup Button to setup your function.
4. Press KeyMacro X to exit.
5. Press the ‘2’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [2] status.
6. Press the ‘7’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [7] status.
7. Press the ‘4’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [4] status.
8. Press the ‘9’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [9] status.
9. Press the ‘*’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [*] status.
10. Press the ‘0’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [0] status.
11. Press the ‘.’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [.] status.
12. Press the ‘#’ key on the keyboard to toggle the [#] status.
13. Press the ‘,’ key on the keyboard to 384a16bd22

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Keyboard Macro recorder that records your keyboard, play it back or replay. Save the macros you like to a CSV-file.
Use KeyMacro for:
1. To record your keystrokes in a logfile.
2. To create your own plug-ins.
3. To work with Macros in your documents.
4. To create your own Macros, for example: Launch an application with a shortcut.
5. To use an ‘on-screen-keyboard’ with your application.
6. To create your own macros.
7. The possibilities are endless, with KeyMacro!

Kupfer Description:
Kupfer is a functional equivalent for the APL programming language. It has a similar notation as Mathematica, which is based on APL syntax.
The programs are written in an APL-like language. The programs are like Mathematica functions, which are written in a similar APL-like language.
Kupfer is great for learning to program for the first time, it’s as simple as it gets. When you are proficient in APL programming you can use it in all those APL scripts and tasks that you used to do in Mathematica.

ShareSpot Description:
ShareSpot is a tool that gives you the ability to quickly distribute files between your users. You can include photos, videos, attachments or just a link in your message and all you need to do is specify the name and location of the file. ShareSpot will automatically resize the file or video and serve it to your users. You can also limit the size of the file or video in order to save you bandwidth.
This is a great tool for companies that want to quickly upload files on an intranet. The only downside is that ShareSpot does not allow you to preview the files that your users will receive, it is purely a file sharing tool.

Merlin Description:
Merlin provides additional search options to Google.
Merlin allows you to use Wikipedia, Alexa, Hacker News, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia as its search engine. You can search all of these engines at once in one simple click! You can also set these engines as your default search engine and they will take the place of Google!
There is also a Live Search tab that allows you to search in real time