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e-Celtic is a leading search engine optimisation company headquartered in Europe with support offices located in Asia. Serving customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, the expanding client base has a global reach. Set up in 2002, the company now has in excess of seventy staff. 

The experience we’ve gained from working with the search engines lead us to create some powerful inhouse tools and a clear focus of what works for SMEs online. In most cases, SMEs are working on a budget and cannot afford to indulge in a mass marketing campaign through TV, Radio, Print or display. Furthermore these channels can be hit and miss without guaranteed results. As marketing budgets continue to shift online where the audience is, the scale of the web and its abstract nature can be daunting for a seasoned marketer.

This is the challenge that inspired us to create a marketing package that delivered real value and real results for SMEs. A performance based marketing relationship is something that keeps us on our toes and always puts the client #1.

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