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New York – July 9, 2014 – Zoho today announced Zoho Mail 8 for Windows. As the name suggests, Zoho Mail 8 for Windows provides a full-featured webmail service that can be accessed from any Windows device, whether it’s a tablet or a laptop.

Zoho Mail 8 for Windows provides a variety of features such as security, templates, full access from any device and best of all, no browser version. With Zoho Mail 8 for Windows, you will be able to access all the webmails with a single sign-in.

Full-featured webmail service with enhanced features

Zoho Mail 8 for Windows is a full-featured webmail service with enhanced features. While keeping its easy to use, intuitive interface and its ease-of-use, Zoho Mail 8 for Windows also adds a variety of advanced features like full access from any device, customized notifications, easy to use templates, and customizable themes that makes the webmail more professional.

Best webmail for Windows

With Zoho Mail 8 for Windows, you can access your webmails anywhere and whenever, as long as you have an internet connection. You can access your mail from a single-click, even from your mobile device.

The webmail client is based on open standards that ensure 100% cross-platform compatibility. Zoho Mail 8 for Windows also ensures absolute security as it is a secure webmail service.

Zoho Mail 8 for Windows comes with a number of improvements as compared to the previous versions. For instance, with Zoho Mail 8 for Windows, you can sync multiple accounts simultaneously and check your unread count of the mailbox on your mobile device.

Best of all, Zoho Mail 8 for Windows comes with Zoho Apps for Windows, which makes it easy for the Windows users to run their own business apps on their computers.

What’s New

Zoho Mail 8 for Windows provides a variety of new features such as enhanced security, more customization, faster performance and more.

In the Windows 8.1, Microsoft

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Becky! Internet Mail 2.50.04 With Full Keygen [Latest]

What’s New In?

Becky! Internet Mail is a full-featured email client that can handle multiple accounts, enabling you to deliver messages without a lot of hassle. Message filtering, HTML writing, edit mode are just some of its features that are worth mentioning.
Easy-to-use layout and managing messages
The Explorer-like interface makes it intuitive for any type of user, since all the tools are right at your fingertips. You can browse through the mailbox folders to view sent and received messages, create special directories to organize mail messages and even change the layout, if the default one does not suit your needs.
Support for usage of multiple accounts simultaneously and customize checking time
In order to setup an account, regular details such as the e-mail address, server settings (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 are supported) and the password must be provided. If more than one account is used, you should know that the mailboxes that are not currently used can be hidden, so the user can focus only on one at a time.
Becky! Internet Mail enables you to configure the time interval for checking the mailbox for new messages and display the unread count in the “Welcome” screen. One handy feature is the thread mode, which places the reply messages under the original ones, providing fast access to your response.
Prioritize and schedule messages
The so-called “mail agents” are designed to prioritize mails and manage non-urgent messages (e.g. those that do not require a reply immediately), while the “Reminder” feature can schedule message deliveries to your mailbox at a specified time in the future.
Filter mails, use an address book, add plugins and set up notifications
The application comes with advanced filtering capabilities and a mailing list management tool. It can synchronize messages with a portable device, backup mails to avoid data loss and use the built-in address book to store contact details, organize them in groups and send messages faster.
Message notifications, configurable storage size, advanced search tools, attachment warnings, spell checking, customizable message templates are other advantages that this program provides you with. Furthermore, its functionality can be extended using plugins.
Bottom line
To conclude, Becky! Internet Mail combines ease of use with functionality, in order to provide you with a comprehensive and powerful e-mail client, whose message organizing capabilities are designed to ease your everyday work. All of this is done without hampering the computer’s performance and the response time is good.
Review summary:
Version: 1.4.0
License: Freeware
Votes: 1

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System Requirements For Becky! Internet Mail:

Memory – 512 MB
Graphics card – DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
Hard disk – 200 MB
Video Memory – 64 MB
Controller – Sound card
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