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Measurable Results

Before starting a campaign, you will have exact targets in keyword rankings, unique traffic growth, and sales conversion according to each month. This benchmarks our performance continuously to guarantee improved performance.

Always on Top

We always keep your site and you updated with all the latest changes in online space. So don’t need to worry about your site getting effected by new changes

Increased Web Visibility

The main aim of each package is to improve the reach of your business to more people and increase brand popularity. A more prevalent web presence means your business is more visible to your target audience. The type, tone, and timing of your messages is essential to get right but it’s also key that this brand communication is broadcast to as many relevant communities.

One Stop Shop

Our packages are a one stop shop to gain traction and awareness online for your business. We cover PPC, Social Media, Press releases, Online Reputation Management, SEO and more. We understand that not one single channel can be over relied on so that’s why we don’t leave any out.

Peace of Mind

Our package covers all the aspects of your online need. Once you subscribe the package apart from SEO it looks after your website completely including – PPC, Social Media, Press release, Online Reputation etc. e-Celtic a single platform to address all your online needs. It removes the hassle of dealing with different things.

No Learning Curve

No matter how tech savvy you are, there’s no easy substitute for investing time and hard work to market your site online. e-Celtic packages are priced to reflect the hours our SEO experts devotes to each project using industry leading tools and years of accumulated knowledge.
Our SEO team are constantly keeping up to date with inbound marketing best practices, social media trends and monitoring search engine algorithm changes. It’s practically impossible for one person or even a small team to keep up to date with all the latest tools, trends and domain knowledge. When the only constant is change, it’s our job to keep your website on top. This helps you focus on your core business objectives while we focus on advancing your business online.

Best ROI from an SEO campaign

eCeltic packages are proven to give the best ROI over other media promotion or SEO packages. With a simultaneous increase in traffic and conversion rate you can see the net revenue increasing exponentially.

Proven Results and Satisfied Customers

Transparent access to the fruits of our search marketing packages can be viewed in real time here

Money Back Guarantee

At the end of each month, you get a comparison of promised results versus actual results. If we don’t achieve the promised result you’re free to claim back your money. SEO and online marketing is a new industry and has a lot of inexperienced people. We feel the strongest way to communicate the quality of our work and reduce the risk for potential customers is to offer a money back guarantee. We are accountable for the results of our work and when