Recent Works

EnjoyCPR EnjoyCPR

Project Objective: EnjoyCPR, the leading provider of CPR training in the United States sought more visibility online and increased traffic conversion rate. CPR training is essential because it can help save the lives of thousands of people who die from cardiac arrest and choking. The need was to increase the online reach to educate more visitors about the benefit of CPR and first aid training and motivate them to undertake a course from EnjoyCPR.

Selected Package: LITE

Our Commitment: The challenge was to optimize at least 10 keywords, and e-Celtic SEO was committed to accomplish it.

Our Success: We achieved the task within 3 months and keywords ranking high on search engines. Conversion rate made the clients happy.

Client Comment: More visitors led to enhanced popularity online for EnjoyCPR thus increasing people interest in the courses offered by them.

Test Plant Test Plant

Project Objective: Test Plant wanted a 10 percent hike in conversion rate for the most targeted keywords.

Selected Package: Corporate

Our Commitment: It was a tough ask, but the committed players of e-Celtic SEO made it a point to achieve the goal within the deadline assigned for the project.

Our Success: e-Celtic SEO made EggPlant popular! Their GUI testing tool found more visibility through Wikipedia and keywords ranking. Test Plant could witness an increase in the client conversion rate and exceptional hike in the turnover. We are still on with the project.

Capmaison Capmaison

Project Objective: Capmaison was surely the name to reckon with but they want to have a wider reach to the travelers across the world.

Selected Package: Corporate

Our Commitment: Wider reach could only be possible with enhancement in traffic rate and web visibility. e-Celtic SEO team members were committed to generate huge sales leads for the resort in St. Lucia.

Our Success: Search engine optimization and link building led to the finest result for Capmaison. Interestingly more travelers were making queries online to know more about Capmaison.

Client Comment: Within one month, Capmaison witnessed a surge in their leads thus bringing more happiness to travelers across the globe.

Chemical Direct Chemical Direct

Project Objective: Janitorial supplies and floor cleaning machines being their premier products, Chemical Direct approached us to increase their sales online.

Selected Package: SME

Our Commitment: We promised Chemical Direct enhanced web visibility which would lead to increase sales lead online.

Our Success: Record conversion rate was achieved by e-Celtic SEO which provided the right boost to online sales for Chemical Direct.

Client Comment: Client congratulated on taking Chemical Direct to the top league within few months of undertaking the project.