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Connectivity Toolkit is an OS-agnostic application capable of monitoring the connectivity status of your network hosts, as well as your main server(s) on the local network. A number of key parameters will be collected from each host and logged, including connectivity timeouts, and general status of the hosts. This application can also be used for performing automated route tracing for given addresses. Additionally, the application will perform a mapping between the retrieved host IP addresses and the GeoIP database for those addresses.
Additionally, users will have a number of options available, including the ability to perform pings, both ICMP and TCP, send e-mails with each ping log message, have the collected data logged, and provide for a number of custom filters which can be enforced on keywords or return times, and routing tracing using the SMART Tracert functionality in cases where the selected hosts enter the “Dead” status. Lastly, it will also be possible to perform DNS testing, as well as host backup and restore.
Major Features:
– The application is capable of monitoring a number of parameters related to the connectivity of your network hosts, including the default gateway, IP address, hostname, and remote IP address.
– It will provide various monitoring reports, which can be achieved using both the host’s IP address or hostname, as well as remotely logged parameters.
– There will also be a feature available that will permit you to perform automated route tracing, using the provided SMART Tracert functionality.
– Additionally, the application will perform routing tracing with the provided SMART Tracert functionality. This feature will additionally allow you to perform a mapping between the retrieved host IP addresses and the GeoIP database.
– Lastly, this program will allow for automated pinging, both TCP and ICMP.
– Users can choose to have the alerts sent to them via e-mail, as well as perform host backup and restore, and DNS testing.
– Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/7
– Administrative rights on the system
– The latest version of Java Runtime Environment, available from
– A valid working e-mail address.
• Overview:
Discovering the path to a larger network, is the focus of this Connectivity Toolkit, which will provide users with a host of tools that can be used in order to ensure proper connectivity between network hosts.
• Functionalities:
The application is capable of monitoring a number of parameters 384a16bd22

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For Windows users that are fed up with the fact that all the shortcuts to frequently used programs are located in the start menu, Keyboard Macro features allow you to create “shortcuts” to often used programs.
All you need to do is to enter the name of the application that you want to access it when you press the shortcut key combination. This feature, combined with the Start menu search, makes for a very handy way of accessing your favourite programs.
KEYMACRO is a very simple tool, and though it can be a bit confusing for users to get used to the interface, it’s very easy to master. That being said, you don’t need to be a programmer to use it, and you can create as many macros as you like, and have them run whenever you press the associated shortcut keys.
One of the main advantages of using Keyboard Macro is the fact that, if you want to create your own shortcuts, you’ll need to use a text editor such as Notepad, and create the shortcut in a text file. It’s as simple as that. The program will make sure that you create the shortcut properly and in the correct location, even if you’re using a non-English keyboard.
KEYMACRO is a simple, yet effective tool that allows you to create customized shortcut keys for frequently used programs.
LastPass Description:
LastPass is a popular password management tool that automatically generates passwords for your favorite websites.
The software will ask you to enter your regular password. You can then use the Shortcuts feature to choose which of your regular passwords should be used for a given website.
It will ask you to enter your Regular password to confirm which password you have chosen. You can always add a new website by clicking the “Add Website” button.
LastPass is a very user-friendly tool, and there’s no need to be a programmer to use it. There is no graphical interface for this tool, and as such, users must use the Command Line to perform most of the actions that the program can perform.
If you want to create a shortcut key, you must simply enter the program’s name in the text field provided and then select the checkbox to indicate that you want to create the shortcut. You can then select the shortcut key that you want to use, and click the “Add Shortcut” button.
All Shortcut key codes are displayed on the right hand side of