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Sliding Menu, In any moment you can quickly reach the specific menu. You have a Sliding Menu and access to 11 Menu Categories.
Dynamic Calendar, This is a calendar which changes every time the user visits the site. A great calendar for all our users
Events Manager, This is a calendar to manage all your events. You can set the dates and change the color of the information.
Integrated Audio Player, With this integrated Audio Player, you can listen to a list of songs in your iPlayer. You can also have some audio options (volume, restart, skip)
Price Chart, You can easily see the price in each currency and change the currency to fit your needs.
User ratings, You can see the average rating of each user.
Customer feedback, you can see some reviews from the users.
Customer Messages, here you will see the message sent by the customer and an option to delete it.
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KeyMacro is developed and published by Carlos Macarron (
KeyMacro is protected by the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.

1.0 Description

KeyMacro is an easy tool to manage your websites. KeyMacro can manage your bookmarks, or your websites in one place. You have an integrated calendar to see what you are doing with your sites. You can also have your sessions saved so you can continue them. Also, you can have a powerful and intuitive sound player. You will also have all your blogs, your search engine sites and your forums in one place.

It’s easy to add new entries. You can add all your websites you have on your PC or mac, all the bookmarks you have or your search engines.

You have some great options:

+ Bookmarks: You can manage your bookmarks, and also have some options to manage your session.

+ Updates: You can update your bookmarks, your session and your updates without restarting your PC.

+ Tags: You can easily filter your bookmarks by tags or by dates.

+ Calendar: You can have a calendar where you can easily set the dates of your daily tasks and have a choice of meeting times.

+ Settings: You can manage your data, language, usernames, password, etc. 30ed912023

PC TimeWatch
LangPad – Swedish Characters
Reminder Xpert
Application Inventory
Aloaha FAX Suite
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter
Guitar Note Practice
Windows Live Messenger Translator Addin
Wikipedia Look-Up
1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software
Landau Damping Calculator
Hearts Icons
Limited Integration Calculator
Sketcher Plugin
MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible
Windows Process Security

Super Internet TV is a powerful application that brings the Internet TV to your computer and laptop. The application allows you to discover thousands of new TV shows, sports and documentaries.

What is new in official Super Internet TV 2.2.3 build version –

We have found new bugs that have been fixed in the application, so make sure you update it in order to get the latest features and make sure it works properly.

Screenshots of Super Internet TV 2.2.3:

Publisher’s description for Super Internet TV 2.2.3:

Super Internet TV is a powerful application that brings the Internet TV to your computer and laptop. The application allows you to discover thousands of new TV shows, sports and documentaries.

Here is a list of the top 30 Apps for Mobile in your Android smartphone or tablet:


MyBrand is a price comparison application for the mobile phone market. It allows you to find the cheapest price for mobile phones, SIM cards, mobile phones accessories and more.

2. Sky Go

Sky Go is the Sky TV service for your tablet. Access all the live channels at home and from your mobile anywhere, and catch up on last week’s programming.

3. Google Play Games

Google Play Games brings the most popular multiplayer games from the Play Store to your Android device. Choose from world-class games like FIFA, Call of Duty, Madden, and more.

4. Google Search

Sitting in front of your TV is great, but it’s also great to be able to search for that TV show you just saw, or the movie you want to check out. The Google Search app allows you to do that, all while on your TV.

5. Google+

Google+ is a place to share photos and hang out with friends, family and others in a great new way.

6. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with over 100 million memberships around the world.

7. Twitter

The world’s best tweets are coming to you on Twitter for Android, as well as your tablet and phone.

8. TV Player

Watch all your favorite shows and movies on TV Player for Android, your tablet and your phone.

9. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing and community site.

10. WhatsApp