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ASUS Mobilink is a software solution that was especially designed to provide users with a simple means of extending the control over their systems insofar as the overclocking capabilities are concerned.
This piece of kit will make it possible for anyone to use their iOS powered device, be it an iPad or an iPhone, to manage a PC. This can be done thanks to the ASUS ROG iDirect technology, which supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections as means of sending the instructions to the remote unit.
An important mention that has to be made regarding ASUS Mobilink is related to the supported systems. Thus, this application can only be used in conjunction with compatible ASUS ROG notebooks and PCs.
As soon as this program is set in place and the proper connections between the computer and the iPhone or iPad are made, the users will have at their fingertips the controls for performing basic or advanced tweaks in order to increase the performance of their system.
Besides the overclocking options that allow increasing CPU frequency, voltage and other parameters, thanks to ASUS Mobilink users will also be able to monitor the hardware, because this functionality is also supported by ROG iDirect.
This means that information such as the current temperature of various components, the processor or power fan speed, as well as voltage values become available directly onto your iOS device.
As for the performance improvements that this can offer to your hardware, we recommend that you take a look at the following blog post:

If you’re a Windows user that loves to watch HD movies, chances are you’ll have noticed that you can’t control the settings for the sound and video playback, and this includes when you’re playing a game as well.
A few years ago, the way of being able to control the audio and video of your PC was to use third-party hardware that is compatible with Windows.
This is no longer the case, thanks to the new standard that is Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360’s Media Center Remote.
Both systems provide a simple interface for users to control their media, and this includes audio, video and games eea19f52d2

PAS Obj Importer is a free application that can be used to load the data files into the Platinum Arts Sandbox format.
PAS Obj Importer main features:
– Ability to load OBJ files as a data file (e.g. DSiWare)
– Support for all the files that Platinum Arts Sandbox uses
– Ability to save the scene to a folder for a reference later on
– Select which part of the object you want to save in the scene
– Ability to save the object at different resolutions
PAS Obj Importer Requirements:
– Software ID: 0195-6268
– Hardware ID: B000G5REQC

Platinum Games Studio has developed the game House of the Dead 4. As in the previous titles, the player controls one of several characters, who must fight against zombies. This is done through the use of a whip, which can be used as an offensive weapon as well as for a quick jump. Controls and gameplay are very similar to Dead Rising 2.
The game offers a variety of game modes, such as a free-roaming mode. There are also two main story lines, “The Dark Zone” and “Screaming Road”. The Dark Zone contains 6 levels in total, while “Screaming Road” has a total of 14 levels. The game has 5 different difficulty settings.
In addition to the single player campaign, there is also a multiplayer mode, in which up to 4 players can play together.
In the main menu, the players can create a save file, which allows players to save their progress at any point during the game. A co-op mode is also available, in which 2 players can play together.
Currently, the game features no official online functionality.
House of the Dead 4 Download Page:

The “Perfect Dark Collection” is a bundle that contains Perfect Dark Zero and Perfect Dark Zero Survivor, as well as two bonus game demos. It’s expected to release on March 12, 2012.


Before Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Team Ninja’s first foray into the Metal Gear series would feature a fictionalized bio-weapon apocalypse known as “NightWalker” – a fictitious virus that is introduced and first seen in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and is the main antagonist for Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. The