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I have problem with the _User.Identity.Name within the set of email. I used this solution to identify the current user from the controller. But when I use that function on email link, the breakpoint after if statement is never reached.
Here is my code:
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Category: Sports gamesThe second season of ‘Real Time’ was always going to be a strange one. It’s notable in that instead of being a random assortment of contributors to the 2016 presidential campaign, it became the de facto platform for the eventual election of Donald Trump.

But Donald Trump’s appearance on the show generated more publicity for the show than it did for the candidate. And with each episode, host Bill Maher seemed to improve as a host.

Maher’s outspokenness often got him into trouble. He’s repeatedly said he isn’t anti-LGBTQ, which is a statement that stood in the way of progress as the gay marriage debate waged in the ’80s and ’90s. And his refusal to heed criticism of Islamophobic statements wasn’t helpful in that movement, either.

He also frequently pointed out how hypocritical the Democrats were in reacting to his anti-Muslim statements.

But he was able to continue making it, because he’s just so damn funny. And that made this season his best to date.

Maher’s funniest comments were often the ones that let the most opportunities for self-deprecating humor slip through.

What I Learned From Bill Maher’s Second Season: Letting Go Of Self-Criticism

Bill Maher is one of the most self-critical people you’ll ever meet. He can’t stand himself for some things he’s said, so he makes sure that everyone knows about it. In a way, he treats himself like the rest of the people in the world do.

It’s very difficult for people in positions of power to admit mistakes, but it’s doubly hard for comedians. It takes even more for comedians to let go of self-criticism.

In the past, I saw comedians work to admit and correct their mistakes and to make amends. I saw them self-correcting without creating a media firestorm, without making excuses. The key to taking that step was in realizing that no one is perfect and it’s OK to recognize that.

Maher is not perfect and in his second season he began to let go of those inhibitions. He still makes the occasional mistake, but he makes the most of it. And as we all know, the best comebacks are the ones that are self-aware, with the right amount of self-deprecation to be charming.

In this season, Bill Maher began to do that. And