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The year is 2116.
After the almost-complete defeat of the Orcs, life peacefully returns to the lands of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version. From the ruins and lands of the Orcs rise new towns, villages, and cities. Animals are once again chased away from the land to make way for farming, and the people of the Elden Ring are given a chance to live a life of tranquility.
But a new threat is moving toward the shores of Elden Ring, an enemy who wants to enslave the living forests and take possession of its resources. The Elden Ring is being forged as a place to stop this impending threat.
Because a true hero does not hurry, it takes time to build a legendary tale.
Create a new legend with your own story. Choose a guild, enter a guild, and join other guilds at your own pace.
Feel the heart of the game as you develop your guild and choose your own path as you explore the huge world of Elden Ring and its diverse NPCs.
Until the Elden Ring’s first battle against the Destroyers, there was no reason to travel far from the city. But even after the battle, the various locations surrounding the area came alive, and new quests were placed for you to discover and explore.
The vast world of Elden Ring is filled with diverse locations and dramatic stories, and a new challenge awaits you every time you step out.
Your game should have the freedom that is only possible with a fantasy world. However, not all fantasy worlds are created equal. Players who want to create their own unique fantasy world can do that.
In the game, you will be able to create and edit the world. Or you can choose from many shared fantasy worlds to join.
By acquiring various items and resources during exploration, you will be able to produce items, weapons, and magic of a variety of quality.
As you increase your level, you will be able to find more items and resources to equip, and when you can increase the attribute for a specific item, you will be able to craft a quality piece of equipment that will give you a competitive advantage over others.
Every player will walk


Features Key:

  • New Fantasy Action RPG
  • Flexibility in Equipment
  • Customizable Characters
  • Adventure with NPCs
  • Japanese Language Support

    Due to some version-related issues, users are requested to update

    1. If you own Japanese Language Pack Version 3.0

    2. If you own Language Pack Version 1.0 or later

    Pre-order Bonus

    Preorder now and you will be able to play the game at the start of April in Japan. Odaiba, Tokyo, Easter Shores. 2 days with a disc and 3 days with a high-grade box and key.** Odaiba promotional seal. Details below:


    [SRP]¥19+税 1,040円



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    1. User Reviews

    – “No one can really say how this game will come across now that you have changed so much of it.”

    – “I’m terribly sorry to report that I didn’t enjoy my first time playing this.”

    2. Comments from the Producer

    – “I cannot say that I’m actually sorry, because this is, for the most part, my work and I’ve put a lot of effort in it. I am sorry for having to make these changes, and for the inconvenience for those who were already planning to buy the original version of the game, but I’m really glad to announce the release of the new fantasy action RPG. I hope you’ll give it a try in the mean time.

    3. Interviews from the Producer

    – Interview with EAA at DFG2015

    – Interview with Famitsu Magazine (November 3, 2016)

    – Interview with Weekly Famitsu (November 17, 2016)

    – Interview at DFG2016

    » Comments from the Producer

    – “A long time ago, I was living in Tokyo. I had never even known there was such a thing as a ‘borrowed PC’ before then, but I remember one day I went to a PC shop and checked their screen savers. Most of the games had sexy computer ladies in them, which was really good for killing time, especially for me since I only had classes and work and almost no free time. I really liked that, and I thought it would be a great idea to put that kind of thing in an RPG. So I first came up with the concept of mixing sexy vampires with RPG characters, then set the idea in the medieval world.

    At the time, I was working as a freelance designer in the world of games, working on apps and simple games. I didn’t have a good idea of what I was doing, and I was only designing games in my spare time. I was making money to support my family, but I didn’t really have a sense of where I should be headed and what I should be making. So when I got to studying for my college entrance exams, I began to seriously think about what kind of job I should have after I graduated from college.

    At that time, I was living with my younger sister in a tiny 2-man-flat


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    Each character of the Nomad tribe is a product of their life and their destiny.
    Their destiny is their life and they are unbreakable.
    You live this life with your companions, guides, ancestors, and enemies.
    A ferocious conflict between the characters of the Nomad tribe and the Lucid’s tribe is developing.

    What Your Character Should Be Like

    When you play ELDEN RING, you are at the center of the story of the Nomads.
    The life you lead and the things you do are seen from the eyes of the Elden, the legendary figures of the Lands Between.
    For that reason, I ask you to be strong, be proud, and be yourself.
    A role as a protagonist in the game is there for you.
    You will be able to overcome your challenges and become an Elden Lord.
    For that, be independent of others and create a new life.

    What I Expect of You

    Enjoy an epic fantasy tale while playing the ELDEN RING.
    Play with friends and improve your relationship.
    You can go to different worlds and put your unique spin on them.
    Nomads have their own way of living, their own culture, and their own country.
    There are many things I can’t show you yet, but stay tuned for more news.

    How to Play

    If you have not yet purchased the digital version of the game, you can do so from within the game or from the online shop, which is accessible from the title screen of the game.

    Contact Us

    We are looking forward to your opinions and suggestions, and we are always happy to hear from you.

    If you have any feedback or questions, please write to us through the Contact Us page on our website.

    If you have any feedback or questions, please write to us through the Contact Us page on our website.

    We are looking forward to your opinions and suggestions, and we are always happy to hear from you.

    Web Site:


    Looking for staff and content creators

    Submit an application

    What’s your name?

    Your current occupation

    Experience as a CG / 3D modeler


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1) Extract emku80x64.zip file to a folder (eg: E:\emku80x64).
  • 2) Install given program.
  • 3) Run it.
  • 4) At the beginning, the software has some sort of connection with The Elden Network, but you should not allow any such connections to stay open.
  • 5) Generate your ID
  • 5) Register account.
  • 6) Start the game.
  • 7) Upgrade the account by purchasing.
  • 8) Enjoy your game.
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