KEYMACRO is a simple and easy to use application that provides a universal method for creating macros on any application, including Web browsers, Office programs and other types of software. KEYMACRO lets users create macros that perform any operation from one mouse click to another.
In order to create a macro, users need to perform the following three simple steps:
1. Install the software, if you are using Windows-based PC.
2. Connect the USB keyboard (optional, if you are using Windows-based PC).
3. Launch the software.
After setting up the software, users can create a unique macro that can be used in the future for performing any operation from one mouse click to another. Users can create their own customized macros by performing any of the following steps:
1. Key in the title of the new macro.
2. Fill in the optional description.
3. Choose the application in which you want to create the new macro.
KEYMACRO also offers an advanced technique called “drag and drop”. By simply dragging and dropping the operation keys that are available in the software, users can quickly create macros that are linked to the operation keys.
KEYMACRO is packed with a variety of features, including the ability to create macros, edit macros and synchronize macros across multiple PCs. KeyMACRO also offers macros that can be linked to the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys, and an automatic synchronization method that automatically synchronizes the macros.
KEYMACRO Features:
1. Easy-to-use interface.
2. Unlimited customization.
3. Drag and drop method.
4. Multi-user synchronization.
5. Keyboard shortcuts for operation buttons.
6. Password protection.

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KEYMACRO is an advanced macro utility that lets you automate keystrokes and mouse clicks, record and play back macro actions with ease.
Keymacro provides a customizable recording method that will help you save countless hours of time. You can record mouse clicks, keystrokes and system hotkeys from the keyboard, mouse or video camera using keymacro.
With keymacro’s unlimited macro feature, you can create as many macros as you need. Once you record a macro, you can play it back in a variety of ways. You can view the macro while it’s running, save it, edit it, run it again, and even play it back as many times as you want.
Once the macros are created, you can assign them to any hotkey, and Keymacro will work in real-time so that you can have your macros, as if you’re doing it yourself.
No matter which device you choose to record from, keymacro records all mouse clicks, keystrokes and system hotkeys in its list of commands. It will record and play back in real time, and even support webcam recording.
You can also use the power of keymacro to hide the mouse cursor and record activities that only the mouse pointer or other pointer movement.
Keymacro is also an intelligent automation tool that can automate the mouse pointer’s movements to control the mouse click and mouse keys. It will automatically move the mouse pointer to any screen position or screen area you want it to.
You can simply drag the mouse pointer to any screen area and the mouse clicks and keys will be automated automatically. It’s very easy to use keymacro to find a particular webpage or file and save it in your PC. You can even use it to drag and drop your files from your desktop to any location on your PC.
KEYMACRO lets you record and playback any operation using hotkeys with ease. You can save your hotkeys to any of the 9 hotkeys and hotkey combinations. Once the hotkey is assigned, the keyboard or mouse clicks and keys will be performed automatically, no matter where you are on the computer.
KEYMACRO is an easy to use software that lets you create your own macro. Keymacro will record and play back mouse clicks, hotkeys and keystrokes with ease. You can even create mouse clicks to drag and drop files, folders and programs from your desktop.
KEYMACRO was designed to work seamlessly with every popular software and it can even record