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Meet and interact with lively characters with unique stories!
Customize your apartment by choosing furniture and accessories.
Work at your own home catering business.
Make money to pay rent, buy baby products, groceries, utilities etc.
Earn money with good and correct orders!
Take care of your needs and your baby.
Go on dates and find love.
Give us your honest feedback and rate the game after playing so we can improve the game and make new content.
Developer: Winner, design, story, PRC
Publisher: Winner, app & game development, graphics, PRC
Available for free download at


Features Key:

  • The iPhone and Android tablet version,
  • Multi player realtime.
  • Local and online multiplayer.
  • One touch Record and Play.
  • Local or online
  • Online challenges.
  • Deadlock free,
  • Fog of war display
  • Push notifications,
  • Continue Play mode.
  • Save to ace, score cards and Level.
  • Profile and save games.
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    What’s New About

    FuturePool released on {d1218ab4-037e-4df2-a9da-0


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    The atmosphere of the region of Brittany is always moving, as are we! With “Air”, we wanted to share with you the magic and the magic of Brittany.
    We have been inspired by the visual atmosphere and this is what we wanted to present to you:
    2 games in one
    A delightful, easy to play game that transports you to the Breton region, while demanding that you constantly look around and use drafts to speed up your journeys.
    In addition, we wanted to add a gameplay that will test your reactions:
    It’s not just a small paper plane
    A small paper plane is a child’s toy. The “Air” game is a real game and challenge for everyone:
    – The challenges are enormous! To reach the end of the game, you have to:
    – navigate the air up and down along eight unique levels,
    – avoid birds and many other airborne obstacles,
    – avoid buildings and trees,
    – and lastly, meet the other obstacles such as moving cars and pedestrians!
    Amazing soundtrack
    A great musical track is composed to accompany you on your journey. You will feel as if you are traveling through the region of Brittany, on a great adventure with the wind…
    To listen to the soundtrack on YouTube, click here!
    Use Android phones?
    Are you struggling with launching the game on your phone?
    Do you often have problems with launching Apps? Download our free, light and easy-to-use application for Android, available on Google Play!
    Air is absolutely free. It can be downloaded without any restrictions for any Android smartphone or tablet!
    And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, where there are more tips and more news:

    Design and development
    “Air” is made in France by a team of three people. The three of them combined their passion for gaming, their love for watercolor and their creativity to create this magical and free experience!
    But it is not all about fun and games! This was a very important process for us to make, as we managed to create something unique in the gaming world.
    Our goal was to take a quality product and make it accessible to everyone.
    Jade, our game designer, has worked on the game for more than 2 years.
    She first created the art for the game and decided that the game should feature the Breton wind. She chose to set the game in the regions of Brittany for a very special reason:


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    Follow the upercutie on your way to a new home and hearths.
    Start “Y.E.T.I.”:
    Game (Development):
    Download it and enjoy the colorful and detailed games
    Play & enjoy the fun game:
    GMAPS for all the yorafm
    fantasyfootwear.com for the red screen
    Thank you for having the patience to read all of this in the FAQ!
    [Name] [A.S.S. | D.A.M.] [S.A.I.T.] [S.A.M.P. | S.A.M.S.] [MS. | Y.E.T.I.]
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    What’s new in Flatshot:

    . Bruce Springsteen performed at the Four Seasons on Broadway, May 28, 2008. Credit Michael Nagle.

    Text and photos by David Yassky.

    Bruce Springsteen has long taught that honesty and kindness have their place in every song. Tonight he explains their place at his Broadway show.Credit Michael Nagle/Agence Zoom

    Last night Bruce Springsteen filled a new theater on Broadway, kicked off his current world tour, and rubbed shoulders with Beyoncé during the opening act of her first stadium show. His role as a guardian of New York City was an appropriate one considering that many longtime fans were there. Artists, too. Bruce surprised many of his fans with his show.

    Bruce’s Theater was tour-worthy in many ways, although not in its banality. The theater screen was a 1,200 square-foot picture. Dubbed the “Fourth Wall,” but to an audience the effect was more similar to that of a movie screen or a television screen; and instead of a commercial sponsor or celebrity host, the screens are monitored by Bruce Springsteen, who is the head of the show.

    “A great song is a great song,” Springsteen said at his sold-out show. “That’s the only reason I’m here.” The story he gave to the New Yorkers included: “The songs that made it were the songs that were like…as close as you can get to the heart with something that makes you really hum and then swoon and make you happy that a song can do that.”


    Bruce had two popular songs from his albums and a couple of songs from his latest of 31 years as part of this show. He told the audience that: “the book of the show was meant to be my life story, the album was the book, the songs were the pages; and that the current songs were the ones that had the most threads to them.” He also mentioned Elvis and Dylan and Johnny Cash, but the gathering was mostly New York showgoers just wanting an evening of music.

    The Broadway show is a singular purchase for Broadway showgoers, and not only for the quality of the music. The ticket prices were so high that most people were not even thinking about this show when buying tickets for the show. No people would and should expect to see Beyoncé or Jay-Z in one night, but to Bruce Springsteen?

    Largely an audience member of honor, Springsteen’s backing band started an evolution in timing that soon


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    Animal Lover is a dating sim/visual novel. Play the role of a young woman who decides to investigate the mysterious and deadly condition called “Animality” where normal humans end up changing into animals for four days straight. On the surface, this could be seen as a bad thing, but for a select few, it can be a very good thing. From talking to the various animals about why they’ve become animals to trying to figure out who exactly is to be blamed for this terrible condition to finding the cure, you will unravel the mysteries behind this odd situation.
    In the game, your main objective is to get to the bottom of what happened to these handsome men. Will you solve the mystery, or will your be mistaken for one of the injured/animals?
    In most cases, you will talk to animals around a station where they would normally use to take a shower. Talking to the animals will teach you some facts that you will need later in the game.
    This game follows a very unique storyline, mostly upbeat and comedic. It will contain emotion, drama and mystery to keep your interest as you are trying to solve the mystery. There is a mystery and ending you will find yourself never expecting.
    Key Features:
    * Choose one of five attractive guys
    * Talk to animals and get to know the real reason for the turn of events
    * Love and relationships
    * Drama, mystery, romance and comedy
    * Multiple endings and multiple character choices
    * Original soundtrack
    * More then 150,000 words
    * Diverse and funny artwork
    * Easy, clean, and simple navigation
    * Easy to jump in and out of different scenes
    * Fun original sound design
    * Switchable first person and third person
    * Acceptable rating of 18+.
    -“Animal Lover is a satire of dating sims. The characters are cute, and the art is really good. The whole atmosphere of the game is great, and I’m glad I decided to try it.”
    -Kurosama Reviews
    “While it’s not the most comfortable to play, Animal Lover is a cute game that is both funny and witty.”
    -Penny Arcade Official
    “This game is an even-steven balance of cute aesthetics and complex narratives.”
    -Lost in Random
    If you want to see more of Animal Lover then see this video:

    and this video:


    How To Crack:

    • All Of Your Favorite Music
      • 60 Tracks (M4A)
      • 100 Files (MP3)

      How To Delete -> Tools -> Steam Cleaner -> Delete All Recordings (Products Only!)

    • All & All of Your Music Switched
    • Everything checked like -> All Files & Folders (Premiere Pro)
    • All Your Favorite Music > All Tabs About > All Music Fav.
    • Or you can drag the folder with the music into the Game Library.



    System Requirements:

    OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
    64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (dual core), 3.2GHz Intel Core i3 (dual core), 3.5GHz Intel Core i5 (dual core), 4GHz Intel Core i7 (dual core), 2.8GHz AMD FX-6300 (quad core), 3.8GHz AMD FX-8350 (quad core)


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