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Explore the galaxy, build bases, hire and fire pilots, and liberate alien worlds and starbases as the commander of your own little piece of the universe. Fast-paced, strategy, and RPG all rolled into one!

The Rise and Fall of a Starbase

Plant starbase seeds to grow, build up the best fleet, then annihilate any opposition on the way to liberating new starbases, and the victory! Play as one of 3 alien races:

The Orion, an aggressive race that outclasses any other by a fair margin, and will use that advantage ruthlessly. Will you order your fleet to attack first, or lay down and prepare the groundwork?

The Quix, who are only outmatched by the ferocious Orions in fleet size, but have secrets of their own, and a lot of focus and patience (and so have a better long-term strategy). Will you build up a small but expensive fleet to slowly work your way to the top of the heap, or will you play it safe, build big and fast, and crush your opponents with overwhelming power?

The Fuzzy, a kinder, gentler race who prefer diplomacy over violence, but will occasionally find themselves in a fight if left with no other choice, or if the other races attack first. Can you play it clever, avoiding the combat until you have the advantage, or do you charge right in, hoping that you’ll not make any enemies along the way?


3 Fully Unique Alien Races
Halcyon 6 features 3 unique alien races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, each with their own AI behavior and working environment. Don’t be fooled by the available options – each alien will behave as it should in every situation, and any mistakes made by your own forces could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Multiple Fleet Combat Modes
The game features 3 Fleet Combat Modes, each of which will change the characteristics of how you play:

Tactical: Straightforward 5vs5 warfare, and no individual player will have more than 2 on the board at once. This means that, while you will still be able to command individual ships, all of your assets are perfectly centralized, and can be used efficiently in the same way as a traditional command-and-control game.

Conventional: A standard multiplayer turn-based strategy game with complex movement commands and ship-to-ship combat. It features a grid-based


Graviteam Tactics: Furtive Spring Features Key:

  • Save Result
  • Winning percentage
  • Trainer points
  • Download DotX

    DotX Game Screenshot Features

    Graviteam Tactics: Furtive Spring [Latest 2022]

    — The Ancient Gods have created the Puzzle world for us
    — As a human, you are trapped in this world and you must escape
    — To do so, you must solve puzzles to defeat obstacles and complete objectives and challenges
    — You are free to play and explore as much or as little as you like
    — Your speed, and safety are not guaranteed
    — Don’t be afraid to explore the world and find secrets, there’s always something new to discover!
    Key Game Features:
    — 100+ in-game levels to complete
    — Detailed visuals for a fun and engaging puzzle experience
    — Lots of replayability
    — Solve maze types of puzzles
    — Complete challenges to earn stars
    — Unlock new worlds and characters
    — Map and all in-game data are all saved online, so you can continue playing where you left offPages

    Thursday, June 7, 2014

    Another Round Of Fireworks In The Graveyard

    “We have rested long enough”

    Another round of fireworks in the Graveyard

    Five of us enjoyed the fireworks on July 3rd which was our second Independence Day at The Graveyard. The weather was perfect again and we sat on the grass and watched the show. We did so much last year that we forgot all about the cost of it. It was $10 for the evening, plus the admission fee which is $5 a person. It would be hard to find a better deal than that. The fireworks are really spectacular and they are very loud. Of course, it would be rather nice to have a slightly larger park so we could watch from a larger area.

    Forgive me for not having any pictures for you, but I was busy listening to the fireworks.

    Last year I made a trip through the Irish graveyard and I was excited to see how it looked. I didn’t get to do it this year but the other four went to the Irish graveyard last year to see it for the first time. They all had a blast and we just sat and watched them.

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    About Me

    I have been a Member of The Graveyard Rabbit since the beginning. The Graveyard Rabbit is a very fun and friendly blog based in the United States. The theme is all about our adventures. We visited The Graveyard in Kentucky in June 2012 which was so fun. We visited again this year in July 2013. It was our second visit to the graveyard and I really enjoyed it. We actually were able


    Graviteam Tactics: Furtive Spring Activation Key Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

    Pick a fishing spot with the unique fishing lily icon on the map and drop a line. You can only catch one fish per day which can be later be fished. If you miss a hook up on a fish, use the arrow keys to adjust the depth and make another cast to try to get the hooked fish. If you put in the exact correct depth you can swim around the fish to get them hooked, however if you make an accident you will get the “accident” status and have to wait 48 hours to try again. Be careful of the boat and and the area around you as you can easily slip and fall on the lily’s and lose your catch.
    Objective: Catch the most fish in the most time, and have fun!
    Disconnect and reconnect while fishing to save your catch. Stumble on lilies, or even accidentally skip and fall can net you an accide, and a fail for 48 hours. Each fish has a different prize (or season pass add-on) with them. Catching fish can be done in many different ways, but you’re only allowed one fish per day, so be careful and learn the right way to play!
    You can fish at any time from any location and save it to your memory card. To pull up your saved fish from your previous day, select the fish you caught on the following day and press. By saving your fish you can then jump to the lake after work and quickly catch more fish, or even fish with your friends!
    Each fishing spot provides a different challenge, so you can fish 24/7 in this variety. This venue offers a nearly endless amount of fish and lilies to catch and save. You’ll definitely enjoy the challenge and the fun you can have with each fish you catch!
    Game “Lilies” Gameplay:
    Lilies are so beautiful and are the main attraction at this venue. Once you have either found a Lily or you hear about a Lily on the radio, you must have a fishing pole with you in order to fish in this venue. Lilies are found throughout the whole lake surface and so fishing in this location is extremely easy. Once you have spotted the lily, just aim and start fishing. A Lily also deactivates the lilies around it, which you can use to find lilies from before you found the lily. You can also find more than one Lili which allows you to fish more than one lily! The lilies can also provide you with


    What’s new in Graviteam Tactics: Furtive Spring: