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Klorofil Platform is a PHP based development environment for desktop applications. It comes with a built-in web server that you can use for dynamic content. It also comes with a UI designer for designing user interfaces.
For each application, a set of PHP files are generated. These files contain a set of classes, templates, and definitions.
By using these files, you can easily build a new application.
The platform can easily be installed on a Linux or Windows based server, and it is entirely web based.

Klorofil Platform Features

Includes a User Interface (UI) designer for designing user interfaces.
Includes a set of classes for creating your own dynamic content.
Uses standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the UI.
Does not require complex setup.
Works on all web browsers.
Planned functionality:
Extending PHP capabilities for supporting rich user interface
Changing the build format to a source code based format
Adding a built in database
Adding a file system to allow application files
Planned release date: September 2012

Klorofil Platform Requirements

PHP 5.3.6 or later.
Apache 2.2.8 or later.
Mysql 5.0.25 or later.

Installation Instructions

In order to use the Klorofil Platform, you need to download the following files:


This product is a dual-licensed Open Source product. You can download the entire Klorofil Platform for your private use or make your organization a customer of Klorofil to take advantage of the commercial features of the Klorofil Platform.

Customer Login

Click here to log in to your Klorofil Collaboration Project account.

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Using the list of tools included in the package, you can keep your computer in top shape, monitoring the health of hardware devices or even gaining more details about the hardware your system is made of.

Small Utilities is an impressive collection of tools, which can come in handy not just to the regular user but also for the more seasoned ones. The bundle includes more than 70 programs that cover a wide range of needs.
Add the bundle to the system
Although the collection can be installed on the system with no effort all the tools are console-based, which for some users may make working with them a bit more difficult.
On the other hand, to make things easier on the user, after the installation process a shortcut is created on the desktop, allowing you to quickly initiate the command-prompt window already set up.
Moreover, all you have to do in order to load one of the applications is to enter its name and press Enter and the window immediately fills up with information on how to work with the respective tool.
Documentation for each tool
Also helpful is the documentation that comes with the suite. It makes available details about each component of the bundle, from their functionality to how they can be used.
The utilities available in the package can be used for a diverse set of activities, from viewing information about certain hardware components, clearing the clipboard, sending short messages via the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) to running file copying jobs, calculating file hash and checksum or schedule programs to run later.
Impressive collection of console-based utilities
Small Utilities provides an overwhelming bundle of tools, which are not too difficult to handle if you’re familiar with the command-prompt screen. On the downside, not all of them may work on the latest version of Windows and in some cases they are no longer useful.

Ungroup – A fast and efficient Apple Mail-style backup utility that allows you to group up to 8 different folders and later restore them at once with ease. (MacOSX)
– Automatic backup of selected folders and files to a single archive file
– Create multiple archives
– Export to a single file
– Export to HTML format
– Backup MacFolders
– Integrates well with other Mac utilities
– Supports FTP and SMTP
– Reports pending and completed operations, shows progress bars
– Other cool features as well as a full featured help document
– A working Mac OS X 10.4 or later