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Find, translate, share and transact online by integrating your favorite content and services with Linkury Messenger Plus! Smartbar. You can use this extension to display additional information and share content seamlessly with the help of:
1. Instant chat with in-browser content you find on web or social networks.
2. Instant link sharing for email, social media and shared documents to the web.
3. Expose ads from web pages to your contacts to enhance your relationship.
4. Translate content for any language with near real-time translation engine (simultaneous translation for any pair of languages).
5. Powerful search-redirect-share workflow to find and share anything on the web.
Download Link:
Linkury Messenger Plus! Chrome Extension | Linkury Messenger Plus! Plug-in
I hope you will enjoy this extension as much as I did and help me do the best to make this extension better!
All the feedback is welcome, every comment & suggestion will be welcomed.
Thanks for visiting my blog and please enjoy this extension.
This extension is not associated with or endorsed by Google, however, this extension has been tested with the Google Chrome and Google Play Services.

Kazu from The Naked Anime Network has posted an explanation of how to use Google Play Music with the Chrome extension.

> In Google Play Music, the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar is automatically switched on. You can directly use the extension icon. When you click the icon, it is possible to start/stop/manage Play Music.

> * When the extension icon is in an active state, the logo “I’m listening” is displayed in the upper left of the browser.
> * When there is no music being played, the logo “I’m not listening” is displayed.
> * The music stream plays.
> * The volume of the sound can be controlled via the extension icon.

Useful Posts:
* Google Play Music |
* How to launch Google Play Music from the Chrome web browser? |
* In this series we’ll try to answer some common questions that we get asked

Linkury Smartbar Activation Key [Mac/Win]

* Find content
* Search & share
* Translate
* Connect with services
* Email
* Image
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google+
* Bing
* Amazon
* Linkedin
* Youtube
* VK
* Translation
* Blogs
* Podcasts
* eBooks
* Video
* Newsletter
* Calendar
* Activities
* Contacts
* Messager Plus! Tab
* Messager Plus! Tips
* Messager Plus! Privacy
* Keyboard Shortcut: Cmd+Ctrl+T
* Messager Plus! Chrome Community Smartbar
* Help
* About
* Customize
* Add icon.
* Open Messager Plus.
* Show/hide content.
* Restore last opened tab.
* Preload content.
* Faster search.
* Simultaneous search & share.
* Search & share with Messager Plus.
* Send to: email, VK, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, GoogleTalk, PlusMail.
* Filter by extension.
* Filter by language.
* Auto-format all content.
* Insert image or video into content.
* Share via Messager Plus.
* Preview content.
* Quick text to speech.
* Keyboard shortcuts:
Cmd+T – Open Messager Plus.
Cmd+Ctrl+T – Search & share (with Messager Plus).
Cmd+Ctrl+T+X – Search & share (with Messager Plus).
Cmd+Ctrl+T+C – Close Messager Plus.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+V – Copy search.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+P – Paste search.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+M – Mark as read.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+D – Mark as unread.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+I – Insert image.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+S – Insert video.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+B – Mark as bookmarked.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+E – Mark as downloaded.
Cmd+Ctrl+T+M – Mark as watched.
* Auto select the text.
* Change the font.
* View font size in title or body.
* Show or hide padding.
* Set the text color.
* Set the background color.
* Show link shortcuts.
* Control a video that plays in Messager Plus.

Linkury Smartbar Crack +

Handy, easy way to get started and share content with friends and family using your computer’s browser.
Using Messenger Plus! Chrome Community Smartbar, you can click content on a page, text, video or image, for example, and instantly get a list of related sites, services and web apps to which you can then share the content.
Faster, smarter & easier than a traditional web search.
This small toolbar is a part of our Chrome community Smartbar feature. For an overview of the community Smartbar please visit
What’s New
Version 7.2.318.4
Added some improvements.


This is a new feature of Google Chrome version 68.0.3418.87 (64-bit) released on August 30, 2018.
The Google Chrome Blog has announced that The New Rich Notification will be included in Chrome 68:

Notification: The New Rich Notification
Coming to Chrome 68
The New Rich Notification is a big redesign of notifications, giving more room for content and less room for ads.
You’ll see notifications from websites more clearly. An announcement icon on the left shows the website that’s sending a notification and gives you a choice of actions to take. You can reply or dismiss the notification, reply to the website, or visit the website directly.
The new rich notifications also give more room for content, so your attention stays on the page you’re on. You can click on the title of a notification, like a website name, to visit the website straight from your notification.
Here are a few of the new features of notifications in Chrome 68.
Organized notifications. Now, notifications are sorted by the website and apps you use most and you can clear notifications from individual websites or apps.
Your favorite sites and apps will be easily accessible. If you go to a site, an app, or an email, you’ll see a notification from that site or app when you open it next.
No more ads. When you visit a website, you can now tell the website whether you’d like to see ads or not. If you want to see fewer ads or none at all, you’ll see a little “no thanks” badge in the notification for that website.
You can customize notifications for individual websites. If you visit a website that isn’t part of the

What’s New In Linkury Smartbar?

Introduction to Messenger Plus! Chrome Community Smartbar


Messenger Plus! Chrome Community Smartbar is a Chrome toolbar designed to enable you to interact with your favorite content, find additional information and share content.

It provides various options for specifying the text, image or video for which you want to engage with. You can then use this content for a search or to access a variety of sites / services relating to this content, such as translators, converters, blogs, uploaders, email and so on.


Always on, unobtrusive presence does not consume any screen space – not embedded in the browser. A single click shortcut with a broad choice of actions. Powers real-time simultaneous search & share for any content type across multiple engines and sites. Enables translation & sharing through email, social media and shared documents.







































































System Requirements For Linkury Smartbar:

View compatible video, audio and other on your computer and get free downloads.
How to Install:
Install the app using your favorite mobile device
Open the app
Go to the Setting screen
Select Downloader
Click on Download
Now you can start downloading the video
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Disconnect HD lets you download videos from websites and movies from Youtube. It gives you the choice to download from any site or Youtube video. It has a zero