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SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker is a lightweight program designed to let you block all YouTube advertisements automatically.
This is a highly-effective tool, and it does not require any manual setup or configuration. It’s an excellent choice for those who dislike advertisements.
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker will remove all advertisements from YouTube video, ensuring you can enjoy the content without commercials. The tool is absolutely effortless to use, and it will not cause any interference with other programs or viruses.
Simply click on the button that will start the application, and it will start removing ads from YouTube videos.
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker has a simple, one-window UI that lets you easily start blocking ads and remove them from YouTube.
With the advanced autoplay feature, you can easily remove commercials from YouTube videos.
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker’s features are built into a simple, easy-to-use one-window UI.
Most apps have a set of easy to follow instructions, but the only thing that SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker needs to be done to work is to install it.
Once videos are blocked, a similarly simple mouse click on the “Unblock Ads” button will cause commercial content to be displayed.
The tool is a simple one-stop-solution for YouTube ads removal
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker is a lightweight program designed to let you block all YouTube advertisements automatically.
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker Features:
– Easy to use
– Totally clean system
– Multiple languages available
– Fully compatible with all Windows versions
– Automatic, one-click ads blocking
– Powerful video editing and converting
– Full system customization
– Advanced video player
– Auto-update
– Simple, intuitive design
– And a lot more…
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker has a simple, one-window UI that lets you easily start blocking ads and remove them from YouTube.
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker Installation:
Install SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker
1. First, download SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker from the download link below.
2. Double-click the downloaded file to install the program.
3. Once the installation completes, close the installer.
4. Restart the computer.
5. Open SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker.
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker Free Download:
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker Installer
SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker Free Download eea19f52d2


• Support for all major browsers.
• Support for HTML5 tags, CSS and JavaScript.
• Easy to use and configurable interface.
• Support for skins, subtitles and sharing.
• Supports multiple clips on one page.
• Supports dynamic HTML and AJAX loading of content.
• Supports playback acceleration and playback speed change.
• Ability to start, stop and pause playback.
• Use HTTP-GET or POST method to retrieve videos.
• Support for Flash and Java on the server.
• Support for popular plugins, such as Adobe Flash, Lyrics Manager.

Get your Drupal Website Ready for the Fall!
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s a good time to get your website ready for the fall season. By Thanksgiving, we’re usually in the thick of the holiday season. That means you need to update your site to reflect the fun festivities, upcoming holiday season or just to help out your overall brand and messages.
Let’s start with the obvious: get it up to date with the latest version of Drupal. At the time of writing, Drupal 7.49 is the latest version. You’ll want to make sure your website is compatible with the new release. You can always update to the latest stable release (7.50) of Drupal at a later date.
Check the status of your site on and make sure everything is up to date.
While you’re at it, check that your theme is compatible with the latest version of Drupal. The newest version of Drupal has been integrated with Layers, a new module from Layout Factory that makes themes more customizable. So, it’s important that you update your theme with the latest version of Layers, which is 6.1.
Also, if you want to update to the latest version of your theme, follow these steps:
Step 1: Back up your site using version control software.
Step 2: On the back end, navigate to /admin/appearance and select your theme.
Step 3: Click the “Update Theme” button.
Step 4: Click the “Update” button.
Step 5: Click the “Save and Apply” button.
Your site is now updated to the latest version of Layers. Now that you’re up to date on Drupal, get ready to start getting ready for the fall season.
Get ready for the holidays! Get