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No matter how efficient or outdated your computer is, you should always protect it with a security product, and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is one of your available options.
User-friendly looks
The main window of this utility is straightforward and neatly organized, and you can easily get an overview of all its integrated components and activate the ones you deem to be necessary to you.
Alternatively, you can just leave the recommended configuration as it is, as only modify the settings if you are not pleased with its performance. By default, all protection modules are enabled, such as ransomware, malware, browsing, firewall, email, USB drive and external drive.
Packs several privacy-related components
Quick Heal Antivirus Pro also helps you make sure your privacy is protected at all times and that no additional action is required on your part once you set the needed tools up.
More specifically, you can enable the screen locker and the anti-keylogger to ensure that whatever you type on your keyboard is not visible to any potential hackers. In other words, not only your private messages, but also your credentials and bank authentication details are always safe.
You can also erase all the traces left behind by your use of programs or Internet browsers that are typically stored in hidden files on your PC or system registry entries.
Create and restore backups
You also get the possibility to create backups for your most valuable data, so in case your PC get infected or it crashes, you can easily restore your documents within seconds.
All in all, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is a powerful solution for all those who are aware that malware can strike whenever they browse the Internet, so they want to protect their data and their computer from infections or from having other people snooping around their private affairs.







Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 11.00 Crack

Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012 is our latest effort to bring you a powerful and highly secure antivirus program at the most affordable price.
This fantastic program is built around a strong anti-malware engine, which detects and removes most of malware infections in just one scan without needing to turn it off.
● Detect and remove most of malware infections in one scan
● Antispyware engine, to keep your privacy
● Easy & Quick – just one scan, to keep your privacy
● Email and contact backup
● Password and Registry Backup
● A safe Web browser!
Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012 Interface:
Here are some of the features of Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012.
● Scan: you can scan your files and run an antivirus scan in just one click.
● System : Anti-virus engine is extremely powerful. It can detect and remove most malware infections in just one scan.
● Filter: Quick Heal Anti-virus 2012 provides you with a number of filters. You can filter out those programs or add some more to keep your computer clean and safe.
● VPN: Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012 provides you with a virtual private network (VPN). It lets you set up your own secure connection to stay anonymous online.
● Preferences : Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012 provides you with a number of great features and settings. You can customize Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012 as per your requirements.
● Shortcuts: for those, who do not have much time for browsing or their computer is sluggish, you can create shortcuts and have those at a single click.

Quick Heal Cybersecurity

Quick Heal Cybersecurity, the high-end version of the Quick Heal Anti-Virus, protects your computer from threats, hackers and other online threats.
It has been specially engineered to provide you with the best protection for your private files, personal messages and online presence.
You no longer need to add anything to the standard configuration because all of the features are provided by default.
The extra features are:
● Password Backup: You can automatically back up your important documents, personal messages and programs on a regular basis.
● e-Mail and Contact Backup: Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2012 also keeps a full and clean backup of your e-mails and contacts.
● Online Backup: you can have an online backup to keep the backup up-to-date and secure.
● Online and Local Security

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My review of Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 12 PRO

By David

At the risk of being labeled as a no-name Indian blogger who lives on his trusty Windows 7 Vista based PC that he rarely upgrades to anything newer, I am an avid computer user. From buying my first computer back in the day, I’ve used a variety of Windows OS and many levels of anti-virus/anti-malware solutions throughout my career.

My first AV product, AVAST Antivirus Free, was a close friend who is now gone, but I’ve stuck with it since I first started using computers in 1995. Back then it worked great, even though no one really understood what it was and its $50-$75 price tag was expensive back then.

I got a Pro version of AVAST around 2004, was fairly happy with it for a while, but always found myself gravitating back to my old friend.

In 2009 my PC started acting up and I found myself reaching for the “family friendly” AVAST, as some of the other AV products I had used had a few shady components that I just didn’t trust. When I started having issues with my computer getting slow and having an increasingly hard time to stay online, I bought a new computer and started using Malwarebytes Pro Anti-Malware, which I’ve been happy with, although it does have an annoying memory leak problem.

As it has progressed in the last few years, using Malwarebytes has meant that I use the handy online checker each time I start-up or restart my PC.

The false positives that are generated aren’t that big of a deal, I know what to look for, especially since I’ve read many of the forums that most AV tools pull from, so I deal with them pretty well.

AVAST has been extremely slow over the past 2-3 months. Numerous times when I turn on my computer, Windows shows me that it has detected a virus and needs to be cleaned. This happens every single time I use my PC, and I’ve been staying away from all Internet activity, thinking that the AV was just mis-reading the system.

I have had a couple of reliable AV products in the past, but ever since I started doing my own tech support I realized how extremely important it is to be able to read and write technical documentation on an AV product, so

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 11.00 Crack With Serial Key

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is one of the best computer security tools that is currently available on the market. As already mentioned, it does a great job at providing a neat and user-friendly interface that is usually not available on other security applications.
Its advantages are that it is quite cheap and easy to install. It also provides a strong on-demand protection system for the total security of your PC. Additionally, the most important advantage of Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is the fact that it comes with a completely free trial.
How to Run Quick Heal Antivirus Pro
Keep your computer as safe as possible by using one of the best, effective and most secure antivirus software available on the market. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro can be a great alternative to popular Windows antivirus software. Additionally, it is really worth it to use antivirus software because it is imperative to make sure that your PC or laptop is safe and can’t get any harm.
Our advice is to download and install Quick Heal Antivirus Pro and take advantage of its extremely powerful protection system.
Our Quick Heal Antivirus Pro review will give you a deeper insight on what exactly this antivirus software is and how it will help you in terms of security and protection.
1. Applications that are harmful to your computer
If you’re not careful enough, it’s pretty possible to download and install harmful programs on your PC that could potentially damage your system or even make it get infected. The most common dangerous applications that can harm your system are:
Adware: these ad-supported applications are created to generate ad revenue. Usually, they attach themselves to your computer in order to produce advertisements as you surf the Internet. But while they do their job of promoting ads, they also do other tricks such as:
– Spy on you
– Delete or modify your files
– Steal your personal information
– Advertise other malicious programs
– Steal your money and other sensitive data
– Inject malware into your system or browser
– Communicate with remote servers
Misc software: even if your system is perfectly safe and you don’t have any annoying adware installed on it, you should still keep an eye out for unwanted applications. There are many fake software that can be disguised as ads, programs or games.
Misc files: also known as “infringing content” and “illegal software”, misc files are the programs that are not installed through your conventional

What’s New in the Quick Heal Antivirus Pro?


Lock application after a user-defined period of time, while a session is running, without needing to keep the application on top of other applications in the task bar.

Full-featured real-time network scanner for computers and mobile devices. Supports client/server, multi-threaded technology.

The latest industry threat signatures, active (broad) and click, and suspicious files.

E-mail notifications of new threats found on your system and new/updated signatures provided with each new scan.

Detailed reports of infected machines.

Infection details analysis.

Frequent update of signatures (there is an option to notify the user when updates occur and an option to download all updates automatically).

Scan in progress window.

Ability to save list of URLs to be scanned.

Ability to scan folders and archives.

Scheduled automatic scans.

Virus and Trojan definitions.

Browser Add-ons and Extensions (except Flash player).

Parental control and program control.

PC firewall, proxy and SPAM filter.

Virus protection against viruses.

Norton will always help you in the event of a virus or threat.

Genuine Symantec products.

Impressive list of virus and security features.

How to get Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

Run Setup.exe.

Run Installation.

This will install the program.

Enjoy using it.

The Download button leads you to the download website.

Note that your download will be saved to your computer and will start downloading immediately after you complete your purchase. Once we have received payment and your download has started, you will be able to cancel it at any time. If you have any questions about your purchase please Contact Us.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that using crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes and key generators is illegal and prevents you from using a software on its full potential. We cannot help you nor support you in case of using such software as it is illegal for us. Using any of those techniques might also prevent you from receiving all of our updates, refunds or license keys for other products.

Supported Operating Systems

User reviews about Quick Heal Antivirus Pro


” Quick Heal antivirus pro is the best antivirus software I’ve ever used



System Requirements:

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