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Why Choose e-Celtic

SEO Consultants

Do you want to improve search engine
ranking of your website?

Our flawless SEO Services are designed to meet the varied needs of all types of web portals; Our seo services in Ireland include elaborate analysis, simple and executable recommendations well within deadline. Our affordable SEO consultancy services help you gain hands-on knowledge in latest in search engine optimisation trends.

SEO Audits

Does yourt portal need a comprehensive analysis?

Our wide range of SEO services in Dublin encompasses SEO Audit. Essentially SEO audits identify positive and negative aspects that are hidden in your website. By carrying out a thorough SEO audit service, we scrutinise on-page and off-page elements so that you can implement the outcomes to ensure the effectiveness of our SEO audit services.

SEO Strategy

Does your site lack proper and executable
plans to succeed online?

We come up with unique and winning Search Engine Optimisation strategies and deliver the appropriate SEO services to business of all sizes and kinds. Armed with a sure-fire SEO strategy, you can easily execute your plans to surpass your competitors and be on top of your business niche.

More About Our Seo Services

Over 75% of internet users do not bother to scroll beyond the search engine’s first page result. This simply means if your business portal doesn’t rank on the of Google’s 1st page, it would fail to reach out to your prospective clients. Hence, first of all you need to understand how impactful SEO Services can be for your businesses online. For an instance, more than 75% of web users resort to search engines to make a purchase online. So it is crucial that your business portal enjoys a higher rank position in all leading search engines so that the chance of browsers visiting your website and turning into buyers remains high always. However, to create a sensational online presence your business portal needs to be backed up by top quality seo services which include well planned and effective search engine marketing strategies. Being an ethical SEO Company in Dublin, we refrain from making lofty promises; instead, we come up with realistic recommendation for our clients. We provide our customers with quality yet cheap SEO solutions as the needs of each client are different than others. Our top-notch SEO services in Dublin first focus on the existing condition of your business website and accordingly, we suggest and implement ways to get more traffic to our clients’ website. We are a firm believer of putting together a sustainable and well-planned development strategy for long-term search engine marketing which helps clients reach their ultimate goal.

SEO fundamentals – at a glance

As mentioned earlier, Search Engine Optimisation is all about naturally boosting the ranking of portals with top search engines. To achieve this, websites need to be optimized for specified search terms. The methods used in SEO services in Ireland help top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing find and navigate through your website. Essentially, these search engines rank your portal for specific search queries along with similar sites that are also making efforts to rank for similar search terms.

Our effective SEO Services in Dublin can bring in more conversions and/or sales by increasing targeted traffic to your site.

SEO is a powerful skill which takes much knowledge, patience and experience to master this art.

Keywords Research

Keyword research is one of the keys in turning any seo services into a success. Research on keyword is carried out by all leading SEO agencies following the method of working out the most relevant keywords for your business and your target market. It is essential to keep a close eye on details. Finding the right keyword is vital as it helps keep the right balance between consumer needs and your business offerings. Being a top SEO agency you research and come up with only most relevant and coherent keywords to ascertain first page rankings on leading search engines.

Depending on your marketing goals and business type, it’s best to choose a combination of trendy and long-tail keywords. This will help you reach out to your targeted market niches and high volumes of potential visitors.

Keyword research can be a time-consuming and complicated process so it is better to consult with the best SEO professionals who are on top of search engine marketing. Experts associated with seo services in Ireland are well- experienced in researching keyword and they will be able to achieve higher rankings for keywords in accordance with your business offerings and market needs.

On Page Optimization

There are certain search engines guidelines that your website structure needs to comply with for effective on page optimisation.

While investing in SEO services, be sure to select a SEO agency that totally and correctly understands what on-page changes your portal might require.

On-page optimization is not only about keyword enriched tags and density; it also focuses on optimizing internal linking structure which include site mapping. On- page optimisation techniques are crucial to increase organic traffic to your portal and to entire SEO services.

Meta Information

Meta information is essentially a tiny set of information. The chief aim of a website’s meta-information is to provide a brief summary that describes the objective of the entire portal. Meta information is also known as Metadata and it helps search engines find, index, and rate the information people are looking for. Hence, Meta information is crucial for effective search engine optimization.

It is important to note that Metadata and Meta-tags are not same. Metadata helps search engines find and rate search results, whilst Meta tags help describe the page in search results.

Alt text is also a part of Meta- information; because search engines cannot search for information in images. Alt tags are used to include phrases and keywords that are relevant to image contents.

Content Optimization

Creation and optimization of content is a tricky process which requires lot of skill. It is true that nobody knows your business like you do. However, this doesn’t ascertain that your description of services and products will prove to be appealing to your target market.

Hence, it is always advisable to hire experienced writer who is adept in churning out quality and original SEO content. By employing a skilled SEO content writer from reputed seo companies in Ireland you can ascertain that the published information not only captures the minds of the readers but also can be found effortlessly by the readers while searching on Google or any other search engines. Quality SEO content should be informative, brief and concise.

SEO contents on offer by a reputable SEO company in Dublin are always consistent with keyword selection and marketing strategy. Each piece of content is optimized and targeted for one or multiple specific search terms and focused at enhancing your portal’s online presence. These SEO contents can either be onsite content or offsite pieces that generate incoming links.

Content Sharing

The hard work put in for creation of quality content goes in vain in case there is lack of effective strategy for content sharing. When you bring out contents online it is of utmost importance that you share it on quality and relevant platforms for effective search engine marketing. This type of sharing may take time on high quality information portals or blogger sites, but via social media contents can be shared instantly.

Being a standout SEO Company in Ireland, we are adept in using all means of content sharing ranging from manual updates to automated systems. We ensure that we always publish content at the right time.

Internal Linking

Internal links are essentially hyperlinks that direct to the same domain that they exist on. These links facilitate users’ navigation. Internal links are used in main navigation as they help set up a hierarchy of onsite information. These links also help spread link juice throughout the site which subsequently allows multiple pages to appear in the pages of search results and increases ranking on search engines. Internal linking is a common practice in SEO in Dublin and we carry out this service to perfection.

Off Page Optimization & Link Building

Off page optimisation through link building is an efficient means of increasing your online reputation and building your brand image. Off page optimisation contributes to around 80% of the of search engine marketing accomplishments, so it is vital to remain consistent.

When investing in an SEO Dublin campaign it is crucial that you hire a SEO Agency that recognises your business and your marketing requirements. It is also important to select the best agency that only uses white hat link building methods. In today’s competitive SEO Ireland market, link building plays a pivotal role in boosting the search engine ranking of portals, so it is significant to ensure that all are quality links and not spam.

Your SEO services provider should be skilled in link building process. Being a top SEO Company in Ireland we know what links can damage your online reputation and what links are acceptable.

The success of link building campaign carried out by a SEO Company in Dublin can be determined in the improved visibility of your portal on the search results and the impact that search engine updates like Penguin or Panda have on your site. Quality links are usually awarded and poor links are often punished.

Local SEO

If you are running a local business that you would like to make popular and grow, speak to e-Celtic, one of the premier SEO Company in Ireland today.

Local Search Engine Optimisation is proven to be the best way to target a specific target market and make people aware of a product, brand or service online. Local SEO services are used to make chosen keywords appear in search results within a specific location. It is a great means of bringing in more targeted traffic to your website and ranking above competitors.

In order to obtain the best results from local SEO campaign it is important to understand one’s target market and how to reach them. By investing in a SEO campaign carried out by a local SEO Company, you target people who live in an area of your choice or in your locality. Local SEO is more likely to enhance CTR, conversions and sales of your business product and services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying..

  • “I found the team at e-Celtic SEO to be professional and polite. Most importantly they delivered super-quality work at a very reasonable price. Thank you”

    - Denny Chapin, All Treatment

  • “Working with e-Celtic SEO was a great experience for us. They delivered the promised results well before the campaign deadline. The service received from e-Celtic was thoroughly professional and attentive to our requests. We are looking forward to working together with this company again”

    - Tim, Caketins

  • I work with e-Celtic on a month long SEO project. I really liked that everyone involved in the project was constantly available on IM. When I did have an issue they were quick to address it.

    - Rex Freiberger, Highly Relevant

  • e-Celtic is a fantastic SEO provider company that we recently added to our list of service providers. They are always available, which is important in our industry and able to meet my demands. I highly recommend anyone looking for proper SEO services to work with this company.

    - Lavinia Baciu, Red Cross

  • I’ve worked with e-Celtic on many occasions for various projects dealing with SEO. They are always brought polish to a project using his intelligence and sound judgment to enhance the strategy or project we’re working on, no matter the obstacles. I highly recommend e-Celtic to anyone looking to hire someone capable, trustworthy and with expertise knowledge of SEO & internet marketing

    - Valt, Toyota

  • Gave weekly reports, and started to see results in about 3-4 weeks! We used for for 4 months and we got good results in the big three!.

    - George Bernes, Enjoy CPR

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