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What You’ll Learn with the CCNA (640-801) Practice Test:
What is CCNA?
5 full length simulated test scenarios
Detailed explanations
Explanation of every single topic
How to approach and approach the questions
How to work around the questions
How to spot mistakes
How to keep a positive attitude
How to score top marks
How to get help when you don’t know
How to get help when you do know
What to do when you don’t know
What to do when you do know
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Whizlabs CCNA (640-801) Preparation Kit Crack + Free License Key [Win/Mac]

In this CCNA (640-801) Exam Preparation Kit, we have covered exhaustive topics. We have not just covered what you need to know but also how to learn it. This CCNA (640-801) exam preparation kit has been designed for candidates who would like to pass the exam on their first attempt or those who want to enhance their existing skill-set. It is a must-have for IT enthusiasts who are aspiring to make it big in the IT world.
Last Updated: February 2018
What is CCNA (640-801)?
The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is Cisco’s entry-level certification for network professionals. CCNA certification validates a candidate’s skills in the fundamental networking technologies, establishing a solid foundation for further Cisco networking certification. It is the first step towards becoming a certified Cisco networking professional.
CCNA (640-801) exam validates the network fundamentals necessary to effectively implement, design, and configure a basic Layer 2/3/4 data-center campus network. CCNA (640-801) certification reflects your in-depth understanding of basic networking fundamentals necessary to establish and manage small networks of up to approximately 100 hosts. This exam is an introduction to networks and demonstrates the fundamental skills of a professional network engineer. The CCNA (640-801) exam focuses on the following topics:
Designing basic Layer 2/3/4 campus networks.
Identifying and configuring Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and connections.
Configuring VLANs and subnets.
Configuring VTP and DHCP.
Configuring media access control (MAC) addressing.
Understanding and applying basic IP routing.
Planning and managing IP-based access control (AAA) services.
Using the show tech-support command for troubleshooting basic network issues.
Organizations in the consulting and information technology (IT) industry use the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification to measure a candidate’s understanding of the network fundamentals necessary for in-depth knowledge of advanced Cisco technologies. The networking foundation presented in this exam can be used by professionals to develop and advance a career in networking. The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is an entry-level certification for any Cisco networking organization and is available for several technology areas, including:
Enterprise IT
Network and security
What’s New in This Release:
The Networking Foundation (chapter 1) of this 3rd edition is new, updated, and fully tested.
What am I

Whizlabs CCNA (640-801) Preparation Kit Crack Activation Key For Windows

Get Certified in CCNA (640-801) exam with the help of CCNA (640-801) preparation kit from Whizlabs. Backed by Unique and Industry-best Unconditional 150% Test PASS Guarantee, the kit contains 5 full length simulated mock exams and interactive quiz (over 475 realistic questions) on the latest pattern.
The CCNA (640-801) preparation kit not only helps you pass the exam on your first attempt but also helps you gain the knowledge and skills required to have a successful career in CCNA (640-801) field. The kit works across multiple exam patterns and includes all certifications required for this exam.
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Benefits of CCNA (640-801) Study Kit:
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What’s New In?

Prepare for the CCNA (640-801) exam with this comprehensive CCNA (640-801) preparation kit. It contains five interactive simulation-based practice tests with full chapter explanation. The tests are accompanied by multiple choice questions and bring you to the level of the exam. It delivers an understanding of the concepts and helps you to prepare for the real CCNA (640-801) exam questions. Unique features include:
5 Pack of Interactive CCNA (640-801) Practice Tests
– With full chapter explanations
– Suited for people of all levels: from Beginners to Experts
– Based on the latest CompTIA 641-2 questions
Intelligent Reporting- Comprehensive, detailed, and interactive reporting on how you answered each question
Customizable- Multiple Choice Question options
Customizable- Choose your own Answer options
Preview- Question details including correct answer and explanations
Print- View your quiz results and feedback in clear PDF format for printing
Question Bookmark- Save your favorite questions and answers for future reference
Feedback- Get instant feedback on your quiz results
Pass Guarantee- If we fail to prepare you for the exam, we will refund your payment
Questions & Answers:
This is the Unique Value Added Features of this CCNA (640-801) preparation kit:
Unique Value Added Features of the Whizlabs CCNA (640-801) Mock Exam:
– The questions for the Mock exam are directly taken from the latest CCNA (640-801) certification exam, which makes this practice test an excellent tool for targeting your study for the real exam.
– The exam questions are revised every year, and are based on CompTIA 641-2, the actual exam, which not only makes the questions authentic but also ensures that you have the true knowledge and experience required to pass the real exam.
– The questions are created in a multiple-choice format, which makes the answers simple and easy to find for you.
Unique Value Added Features of the Interactive Quiz:
– Interactive quiz with 475 realistic question-based on the latest CompTIA 641-2 certification exam.
– Exhaustive explanations and information about your answers.
– Intelligent Reporting- Comprehensive, detailed, and interactive reporting on how you answered each question
User-friendly- Design-based on latest CompTIA questions, making it easy for you to find your answers
Print- View your quiz results and feedback in clear PDF format for printing
Question Bookmark- Save


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