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Improve Your Web Visibility With eCeltic

How It Works

Getting started with eCeltic packages is very easy. You can start with eCeltic packages within two minutes. You need to follow the following steps –

Choose a plan
Select contract duration and pay online
Set your target by filling up campaign goal
Receive your success milestones for the next 3 months
Confirm the milestones and project execution gets started
Start receiving your weekly/monthly success reports
Compare the estimation values against the actual achievements
Monthly Campaign Continue Confirmation

What Do eCeltic Packages Do For Me?

eCeltic Packages are designed to Improve your online visibility. They’re not just about improving your keyword ranking (though it gives great emphasis on this) but it also creates a community for you, creates brand awareness and reach. They implement best practice SEO strategy for you to engage with your customers online.

Why It Is Better Than Other SEO Packages?

It is a complete package covering everything you need to promote your business online. It includes – SEO, PPC, SMO, Link Building, Press Release, Conversion Improvement and community development
This is designed to increase overall profile of your business online
At the beginning of your campaign you will get an estimate of what we can achieve for you and then you will see the comparison of what exactly we have achieved for you.
We use a total transparent process
We keep your site updated with all the latest updates from search engines

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